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I want to draw some of my OTPs. Which ship should I draw next? 

46 deviants said Soarin X Applejack
41 deviants said Cheese Sanswich X Pinkie Pie
32 deviants said Babs Seed X Twist
31 deviants said Rainbow Dash X Spitfire
14 deviants said Dinky X Pipsqueak


MLP headcanon journal

Tue May 10, 2016, 3:31 AM
This is my MLP headcanon journal where I will write some of my headcanons for this show. 

Ages of the characters.
Mane seven and Spike:
Sunset Shimmer. Time in the EQ world runs much slowlier than time in real Equestria. She is taken by Celestia as her personal student at the age of 8 and runs throught the portal when she's 15. She's at least 10 years older than Twilight, so if she stayed in pony world she would be 30 at least, but as the time runs slowlier in EQ world, she around 25).

Rarity (21 at the start of the show, 24 in 6th season). She owns boutique and lives separatly from her parents. 

Applejack (20 at the start of the show, 23 in the 6th season). She seems to be the most mature of mane 6, but this could be caused by the untimely death of her parents.

Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash (19 at the start of the show, 22 in the 6th season). They are obviously peers. And Rainbow as celebrating her 21th birthday in "Pinkie's Pride".

Twilight Sparkle
(19 at the start of the show, 22 in 6th season). She feels younger than other mane 6 for me, but yet not a teen.

Pinkie Pie (18 at the start of the show, 21 in the 6th season). She's year younger than Flutters.

Spike (12 at the start of the show, 15 in 6th season). Teen. He still does a lot of immature stuff and obviously is younger than mane 6. I imagine Twilight hatched him when she was 6.

School ponies:

Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, Applebloom, Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon, Dinky, Pipsqueak, Snips and Snails (10 at the start of the show, 13 in the 6th season). They are classmates, so they are most likely peers. 

Babs Seed (13 in 3rd season, 15 in the 6th season). For me she seems older than CMC. Babs is late bloomer.

Other ponies:
Big Mac (25 at the start of the show, 28 in the 6th season).

Soarin and Spitfire (23 at the start of the show, 26 in 6th season).

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I like a number of things, but mostly draw ponies and Adventure Time and Penguins of Madagascar sometimes. I'm a big femslash and het fan, so you'll see here a lot of shipping.
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I want to draw... But art block is a bitch to me. Maybe you have any suggestions about what should I draw next?
That awkward moment when you want to draw humans, but you are terrible at drawing humans.
So, I created NSFW tumblr and already posted where one Twicord work. If you want me to give you a link, write here.
Ha ha, I'm a sinner. Look at this WIP 
Perv art by Silcy
Mmmm, I think I'm gonna create NSFW tumblr
Also, moral of the episode: Applejack is a silly pony.

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